Viva Punky!

A report from South America.

hi guys and gals from wayne and punky

still alive despite scorchio temperatures and close encounter with a snake

a mixed bag of cowfolk plus wonderful guests from around the european circuit saw the cowfolk enter the first alternative world cup in south america hosted by club che guevara of jesus maria .

the womens team played admirably in heat and with no little skill and remained unbeaten, in fact winning both ( or was it 3 ) games scoring some cracking goals despite their high alcohol intake – congratulations and did the club proud

we were the only team to enter a mixed team in the comp plus were the oldest and in the near 40 degree heat struggled against youthful , speedy , skilful opponents who play together every week. coming last in the group finally managed to hold Pelada de Esquerda from rio to a draw – alas despite the best efforts of wayne the cat kelly we lost on pens ( in spanish cat is el gato but in these parts it means prostitute – is there a new job in the offing for wayne)

i must thank everybody who represented the cowfolk and the world xi for playing and partying in true cowfolk style and many new freinds have been made ( infact wayne and i are off to chile soon) and much respct to danilo ( los autonomos) and monika and crew ( club el che ) for all the the hard work that was put in

incidentally los autonomos won so as northern champs cowboys must play them in japan to see who is world club champs.

Hope you all well in the cold and snow

Punky and Wayne – chilling

in the shade


  1. …and, #cos often on these sites it’ll count as spam if I put 2 links in one post, here’s a blog bit about the Argentina tournament itself

  2. Nice one Punky. Hope you’re still enjoying yourselves. Back at work here in Leeds for over a week, so it eems like ages ago already.

    Here’s a blog post I did about Brazil

  3. Dale Punky!

    Sos un capo


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