Israel – Creative ways of confronting the Occupation

Please note that the venue for this event has changed, it is now at:
Hamilton House, 3pm, Saturday 3rd December
Jess O is putting on a Palestine Film Festival fringe event of interest:
Israel – Creative ways of confronting the OccupationDavid Massey is an Israeli activist. He has been engaged in various political and social movements for over 15 years. He’s currently active in Anarchists against the wall and The Villages Group, a joint Israeli -Palestinian organisation working with communities in the occupied West Bank. Recently David has been involved in creating artistic and educational spaces with Palestinian communities in the South Mount Hebron region. His interests lie in using art and creativity as a means for social transformation and researching and engaging in informal methods of education.David will be discussing the current social and political climate in Israel in relation to the occupation. He will consider existing forms of resistance to the occupation and their effectiveness; some of the traps the left can fall into, and some ways in which the occupation can be creatively resisted by activists.

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