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Well, the indoor season is chugging along quite nicely but Rob still can find the shift-key:

well , what can i say/…. this was probably our best performance yet and it almost started with disaster.

at 7 oclock 6 of us took to the pitch , batting having won the toss. the astute of you would notice that it was not a 6aside game but in fact 8 aside higgy and kalu were missing in action!! not missing but in action were robt, justin, al, tall dave, ev and jamest

higgy was cruising the streets of bs6 with kalu but without a clue of where he was or where he was meant to be going, as we struggled along with the batting (apologies as i didnt see much of the batting) wickets fell and still no sign , expletives flew on both end of the phone as directions were given , heeded not heeded confusion and frustration ensued!! still no sign!!!! more wickets tumbled and we were 5 down when i went into bat , a sighting was made and a sheepish higgy and kalu appeared, but too late we were down to lat man standing and the umpire said that was that , we appealed for his understandiing and turning to see the two of them ,w ith the kind permission of bitton’s skipper higgy and kalu were allowed to bat ,there was only 2 overs to go and with many apologies both higgy and kalu had a go and managed to add a few runs before bieng bowled and out hit roof respectively. last man standing again the score eeked it’s way up to 69 no said one of their spectators 70’s the score..thanks that one may proove vital later on.

at the interval thanks and apologies were made to bitton and higgy blamed a cyclist for giving him duff directions from underneath the bumper of his 4 x 4 . ‘no worries mate i’ll only be pissed off if we lose’ said their skipper.

ev got our bowling off to a good start taking an early wicket, i didn’t get off to such a good start , going for at least 9 in one ball and being a bit wayward, really annoyed i bowled a maiden !! probably the first of all our games so far, but enough about me , it only just made up for the first over. tall dave came onto bowl and the bat proceeded to hit two firm off drives straight to ev at mid off , thinking to himself he looks a good ground fielder i wonder if he can catch , hit the next one a foot off the ground straight at him. which he gratefully bagged, in answer to the question. tall dave got another wicket , yes, hit roof!

james had an over and took another wicket, combined with some good sharp fielding, and moral support from all to all we really started putting the pressure on bitton but they only needed 23 off of 5 overs , surely they wouldn’t buckle, higgy’s and kalu first overs were tight and they managed to keep the runs down both taking wickets and two excellent stops from tall dave ( finable and hospitalising in the big game) until their skipper was the only one left requiring 6 to win off the last over, higgy seeing the chap only had one shot bowled so he couldnt play it, 4 to win off the last ball , no chance and with great concentration higgy bowled the last delivery and the chap played his other shot for one…. almost to our own disbelief we had won…. it was never in doubt , positive mind set . ‘think bridge and the bridge will be there’ etc

we bowled well fielded extremely well and never excepted we were going to be bitton , congrats and high 5s all round and we all retired to talk about how funny it was almost not having 8 players and how ace sat nav isnt, over a couple of nice tasting winning pints.


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