Kev’s band Skimmity Hitchers invading Easton next weekend!

If you are looking for a debauched, hedonistic, yet somehow cultural night out on the 18th or 19th November, then look no further…

Kev’s band the Skimmity Hitchers are being released into the wilds of Easton for the weekend. They ‘would’, as Kevin Keegan might say, ‘love it’ if you could come along… For the uninitiated, the Skimmity Hitchers play songs themed largely around cider, the West Country, cider, incest, cider and torching second homes in Dorset. It’s raucous, unrehearsed and sometimes quite entertaining. If nothing else, you might see an angry K-head desperately stumbling around the Chelsea trying to rip Kev’s quiff off being insulted him from the stage.

Friday 18th Nov – The Red Lion, Whitehall Road (just round the corner from the Plough)

Saturday 19th Nov – The Chelsea Inn, Chelsea Road (a firework’s throw from the Plough)

Band on around 9.30pm I expect. Bring a badger.


Dorset courting ritual

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