Extra Work Update

Hi Cowfolk

For those of you not already aware,  the Cowboys were aproached last week to provide a team of 11 men to play as extras in a film called Flying Blind.  Details of the film are still quite vague but it’s about an Algerian immigrant living in Easton.  Filming is currently planned for 30th of November (but liable to change by a day or two) somewhere in Easton, they are looking for a cultrally diverse team and apprently they want the scene to be quite serious which is why they want to use a real team instead of just extras (they aint seen us play yet…)  It was decided that all funds raised from this would go to help pay for next years tournament.   They have asked to meet us so will be popping by at about 7.30 tomorrow night at ultras and downs league training in speedwell.

So – any of you budding film stars out there who would be interested in appearing whilst helping out with the tournament fundraising either be at training tomorrow or let me know your keen.


Phil G


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