Bang? No, More Of A Damp Squib!


Netball report thus:

The too’s have a very close game against sparks, narrowly losing 24-26. Max got player from them and Cat from us.

The 1’s take on div leaders Genisis and were drawing at half time but the second half became quite dramatic with Binner injured and Tickle going over on her ankle badly and coming off for a trip to A & E. Cowgirls lost 33-42 with miss Tickle getting the sympathy vote from them and Mare from us.

The Suburbans drew 0-0 with Bristol Athletic.

The Downs A lost to Winterbourne United A 1-3 in the GFA Intermediate Cup.

The Downs B drew 3-3 withh Retainers Res.


The Sundays were beaten 2-4 by Beaufort who have now done the double over us this season. Because the league has so few teams it is possible that they can do the triple over us in February.

If you haven’t already check out the German pirate’s photo gallery on facebook.

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