The Xtra Factor?

The Webgimp recently received an email that said:

My name is Emma Hanson and i’m working as a crowd assistant director on a new feature film being shot in bristol called Flying Blind. This film aims to showcase the talent there is to offer in Bristol from it’s aviation industry to it’s cultural diversity.

I am looking for a football team to play a couple of games in one of the scenes in the film and instead of putting together a team from extras, I’d love to be able to use a real team and was wondering if you guys could help me out! The film should be shown in Cinemas in the Uk and will go to festivals all over the world. We can offer pay to the guys who come and play or we can make a donation in their name to the teams. We aim to shoot the football scene on Tuesday 29th of November in Bristol.

How exciting. So exciting in fact that Phil Goldsmith as been hastily elected as a captain to  put together a team in order to try and raise some readies for the 2012 coffers tournament. If you would like to take part and are available, maybe on a weekday, get in contact.

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