Epic Fail


The Indore Cricket Team lost to Frampton, Ev reports thus:

Frampton batted first and got off to a flyer – 50ish off the first 3 overs. Good bowling from Tall Dave tied them down and wickets began to fall as Frampton attempted to break the shackles. Some difficult chances were spilled and RT2 showed insane committment, diving for one catch from his own bowling and hitting the floorboards with such force that the bails, and keeper Tinx were propelled into the air at the other end of the gym.
Frampton rallied in the final overs and ended up with 145 from their 12.

Cowboys never got near. With 3 batsman succumbing to crafty slower balls (surely illegal/immoral?) and hitting the roof, and 2 run outs and a stumping (Iggy swears he was in), only Tall Dave put up any real resistance. Coming in at the bottom of the order he played some lovely strokes and top scored with 20ish. Cowboys all out for about 60.

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