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The Indore Circket Team beat Bitton. Rob reports thus:

the cowboys are not one hit wonders but 15 runs of the bat wonders! winniing the toss this time ev and justin boldly strode out to bat , ev having scored 50 in last weeks game was the man in form, but was soon out as justin proved he was as adept indoors as out in running people out, the young bitton side, bowled erratically , making scoring difficult off of the bat , but our 12th man, X Tras rushed away and kept the scoreboard ticking, throwing away another couple of wickets and one fine catch dismissed al, tall dave steadied the ship, for a bit before holing out, tinx and dean , batted briliantly seeing us through the middle overs and frustrating the bowlers who continued to be off the mark.

two overs to go was the shout, time to start hitting out! ‘what with only you to come in’ was the confidence boosting retort before tinx hit out by solidly blocking the next four balls before getting stumped! Dean and i defended well and p[layed well enough to eek the score to 100 and an extra batting point.

well bowled lads remarked their skipper they only got 15 off the bat, i’m not sure if he was being sarcastic or not, but i’m sure that they thought they had it in the bag.

bitton got off to a good start, but we bowled outside the off stump and they were finding runs hard to come by , yet we hadn’t taken any wickets, not good! not until tall dave took a blinder of a catch off tinx to dismiss their best bat, fielding well and with justin up and down like bryan jacks ( google him ref ; superstars) behind the stumps the pressure was building. tall dave came on to bowl and bitton’s collective eyes lit up, up being the operative word, as he tossed them up, they hit them up only to be dismissed hit roof!

suddenly we were in the 12 over with them requiring 14 runs from to win off of a higgy over, difficult as he was bowling very well deaf bowling at it’s best! he took a wicket with the second ball, pressure definately on. one ball to go and six required, there bat let fly towards the sky, missing the roof by inches the ball hit the side wall for one run, we’d won… but wickets stilll count and the ball was , one would say nonchelantly ,whilst 7 others would say ‘like he’d never seen a cricket ball before caught to take another wicket and secure the game and bowling point.

unfortunately for bitton they had the game in a normal tesco bag, whilst we had paid the 10p for a bag that would last to the end of the game not one which would break 1m away from the car leaving an eggy winey mess

well played and well supported by tim t we retired to the vaults for a pint or two


The Suburbans lost 1-0 to Bristol Telephones in the Bosley (league) Cup.

The Downs A were awarded a walk-over against Stoke Bishop in The Normal Hardy (league) Cup. For some reason GB did not post a match report, how disappointing.

The Downs B beat Jersey 0-2 in the All Saints (league) Cup.

Jo reports the netball thus:

Ok so the Two’s narrowly lost by 4 goals to another team that I can’t remember the name of. Donna got double whammy player from them and us.

The 1’s BEAT NOVERS!!!! A team that have not lost a game in 4 seasons! That is why I am very drunk and can’t remember much. Nor can I remember where our info section is that I normally post to. However Mare got player from them and Emma and Vernie got it from us for a stella job in defence. Whhooooo hooo ! ! xx P.s sorry this report is massively bias towards the first team that I play for. If anyone from the too’s wants to come forward and try and write a report when horribly pissed each Saturday then please DO come forward xx


There was a shock heavy defeat for the Sundays as they were beaten 1-6 by Beaufort. Both teams had gone into this game undefeated, one team emerged defeated.

The Ultra Casuals lost to St Marys Ath. 4-1.

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