In Door (Not Indore) Cricket Results

The Cricket Team have entered an indoor cricket league. Rob reports thus:

last night was he first game in the cricket 8aside league, fate had drawn us the old E nemy for our first match and a couple of admin errors had all 9 of us at the gym in good time for the first match to be played that night, unfortunately we were the second match on so consequently were in either better time. this time was not wasted as we got a chance to see future opponants play and got a few tips on tactics , both how to and how not to play. the time previous to this was spent pondering the game ( it think, although upon discussion it was decided that pondering other things was not yet illegal if pondering something that was legal)) of netball as the 6 form girls were practising this exciting sport.

of the nine , wayne gallantly offered his place to tall dave , only for nelly to have to drop out due to an emergency, wayne was reinstated we had 8 and on to the pitch we strode, when i say pitch think gym and when i say gym vacate your mind of the cold , wet splintered, broken runged gyms of your youth and imagine a top notch facility that you could have only dreamed of when at school. 5 basketball pitches , all lights working air con and glass walls.

the game is alot better format than previous and we managed to lose the ‘which hands the ball in’ and were put into bat we got off to a cracking start mainly due to erratic bowling until a somewhat less erratic ball broke tinx’s stumps, in went higgy who actuall showed signs of restraint for about an over before also getting out , meanwhile ev was keepin up with the extras and was playing some fine stokes, having to retire at 25 he enquired what score he was on and was told not to worry , he was someway away from the magic number, however, supported well by tall dave he quickly made the 25 and had to retire , jim p played a rash shot and was dismissed hit sealing, then tall dave was out, wayne was then run out having been called through by aaron on a run ussain bolt would have had problems achieving out i strode and not even managing a rash shot was comprensively bowled for a golden and strode back to the pavillion ( store cupboard) ev was allowed to return and with some great support from aaron with only one justinesque moment of madness managed to force our score to an above par 125 all out with ev reaching his 50 , the first in the leagues history in doing so, now to bowl them out!

wayne opened the bowling and was as tight as a gnats ass, for his first two supported by myself , and some excellent fielding and keeping after 5 the old e were well behind the run rate, even with balls just missing leg stump by millimeters been given wide ! ( rules are any thing leg is wide)

tinx and higgy bowled well but we hadn’t any wickets yet… until ev took a blinder off of higgys bowling then aaron took a good spinning catch, the wickets began to tumble and runs were not forthcoming due to very tight well supported fielding. up came the last over with a win to the old e still mathematically possible , as ev pointed out, and then proceeded to be hit for two 6’s in a row, maths hate it ! no worries though as the equqtion changed when ev bowled out the bat with the next delivery, two balls to go and the game was won, they went and we won.. hurrah

we all had a good time and retired to the highbury to reminis(?) and agreed that beating the old e at any thing was a good day.

a good game, was the general consensus so if you are interested please make yourself available when the time comes, we are up top 6 definates and two maybes dependant on a visit to iceland but we will definately require a bigger squad for t efuture matches

don’t know if i’ll have the energy to write this much next time or whether i am up to the high standards of our correspondants of the summer but all are welcome to right a report , maybe i shall delegate each week.

signing off. stop.


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