The 2012 Tournament

At a meeting on Monday 3rd October the Cowboys & Cowgirls pressed the fission ignition and formally started the journey towards hosting a 20th anniversary tournament in 2012.

If you wish to be part of planning this momentous event you should get to the next meeting on Monday 24th October 2011 at 7pm in Hawks Gym or use the contact form on this website to ask to be put on the email list which will be used to discuss the nitty gritty.

The first step is to find a venue. If you think you know of a possible venue that full fills the following criteria please let us know asap. Criteria:

  • Not in a residential area, ideally some distance away from any houses;
  • Within one hour of Bristol;
  • A minimum of 3 full sized football pitches;
  • Space for camping
  • Affordable;
  • A club house;
  • Showers & toilets;
  • Access to site;
  • Space for marquees;
  • Water;
  • Big enough for 500 people comfortably;
  • A cricket pitch (ideally on site, if not as close as possible);
  • A space for netball (indoor or out) eg. a tennis court (again, ideally on site, if not as close as possible).

We also need somebody willing to take the Peashooter over since big DM can no longer do it. If you think you have what it takes please get in touch.

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