The men’s football team now have a twitter account thanks to GB. Keep track of all the stuff and ‘ting

If you were to visit the twitter feed you would see this:

@EastonCowboys B’s vs Durdham Down Adult School. Saturday, 14:00, @TheDownsLeague – #Bristol Downs.


@EastonCowboys A’s vs Clifton St Vincents Res. Saturday, 14:00,@TheDownsLeague – #Bristol Downs.

I am over 40 and so the Gods of Demographics do not allow me to use, or indeed understand twitter.

If the Sunday team had opposable thumbs they could also post on twitter and announce t0 the world that the defence of their GFA Cup starts on Sunday. They play Clifton Downs at BAWA.

The Suburbans also play in the GFA Cup tomorrow (Saturday) at home against Ridings  High.

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