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Dashboard has berated me for getting the wrong foe. The Casuals in fact beat Swift FC 5-0. Cupis did not score which is a shame because I bet my last pair of clean pants that he would. William Hill is now wearing my best undies.
The friendly cricket team have now won 7 on the trot equaling some ancient club recorded set whenwas DCii could still be found roaming free on Dartmoor. Collective breaths are being held to see if Brian can beat the record at the last match of the season in Corscombe at the weekend. If you fancy a weekend of camping and cricket you better get down to Devon.

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  1. DCii coresponded thus:
    O Webgimp!
    In your match report of 11/09/11 concerning Brian equalling DC1’s number of wins in a row you stated that I was roaming the wilds of Dartmoor at the time of DC1’s teams efforts. THIS IS UNTRUE AND HAS BEEN PUBLISHED ON A MEDIUM ACCESSIBLE BY THE WHOLE WORLD, NAY, THE UNIVERSE. In fact, not only did I play in some of the games in DC1’s sequence of wins, but while he was on holiday one week I stood in as captain and kept the sequence going with a soggy triumph over Whitchurch – ironically!
    Please will you correct your match report accordingly.
    Thanking you in anticipation
    p.s. I was roaming Dartmoor from 1999-2003 but was then discovered by Duncan Brewood and Ian Page while they were drunk. Since then I have been semi-rehabilitated.

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