Apparently It Is All Walking

Punky has posted this on the website messageboard:

well hello again

Had brief meeting last night in plough – a few people there and we needed to dispel the rumour that the walking group was not some glorified pub crawl!!

We are going to start off gently – meet at 1100 at the Plough , drive to the countryside and do a 6 and half to 7 mile walk around Castle Combe area – and in complete contradiction to what i said before – there are 2 pubs en route,

anybody interested in joining the group send us an email or give us a bell –

07908875384 / 0117 9520707 – we aim to go out probably at least once a fortnight and we will be up for suggestions for walks in the future

We also could do with a name ( do not want to be called ramblers) so again any suggestions gratefully received – i shall expect the usual witticisms from certain individuals )

Over and out

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