Palestine T-Shirts


Cast your mind back to the Awards do last month. You may remember seeing a stall selling T shirts and various bits and pieces of paraphernalia. Sat behind it for most of the night were some of the Cowfolk who have been out to the West Bank, either last year or on the first tour there in  2007.

We are fundraising for the Villages Group, a collective of Israelis and Palestinians that provide support to some of the communities south of Hebron that we visited in May 2010. These are people literally living on the edge, often surrounded on all sides by illegal Israeli settlements, hassled on a daily basis by both Settlers and the IDF. The Villages Group work with these communities, and have set up a number of projects that range from renovating water cisterns to constructing up alternative energy systems to organising transport so the local children can get to school safely without being attacked by Settlers.

There is more information about the work the Villages Group do here:

Inspiring people, and a very worthwhile cause. So yes, to help support their positive work we have produced some beautiful T shirts (pictured), and are also selling pamphlets and attractive hand crafted mobile phone holders. To get your hands on any these get in touch with Jess Orlik (

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