News From The Wires

Just a couple of things that I have noticed floating around the ether.

Dave O wrote on facebook that:

Got a team shaping up for Freiburg, still room for more. Lacking cars though… few people thinking of flights. If your going in a car and got space then let me know – i can fill it for you.

A link to some award do photos has been passed round the cricketers’ email list it is

There is talk of the Argentina tour on the messageboard. Also on the messageboard is news that there will be a meeting to elect the suburban’s new manager on 22/06/2011.

Also, also on the messageboard there is talk of an International Brigade memorial event thing.

Finally, Big Dave M has rreplaced Heaven as the The Peashooter editor.

Finally finally don’t forget the Cowgirl fund raiser at The Plough on Saturday (tomorrow).

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