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Dear Cowfolk

Swindon Town FC have just confirmed the appointment of Paolo Di Canio as their new manager. Di Canio has publicly declared himself a supporter of fascism and is infamous for having given the fascist salute to the notoriously far-right fans of Lazio.

Andy Newman, the GMB’s Swindon branch secretary, told Sportsmail: “We have decided to end our sponsorship deal with Swindon Town, we will not be renewing our agreement with them. Because we are a trade union we could not be seen to have a financial relationship with a club that has fascist manager. We have no choice. It’s unfortunate but that’s the way it is.” (The Daily Mail)

I’m asking you all to take a couple of minutes to contact the sponsors of Swindon Town to persuade them to reconsider their sponsorship in light of STFC’s decision. The club and its sponsors need to be made aware that the presence of a fascist in our game is not welcome by decent fans and will have consequences for them.

Samsung –
FourFourTwo –
EA Sports –

Sample email if you don’t want to write your own:

“Dear Sir / Madam

As you are no doubt aware, Paolo Di Canio has now been confirmed as the new manager of Swindon Town FC.

Given Di Canio’s open support for fascism, including giving the fascist salute to fans at football matches and stating his admiration for Mussolini, I would urge your company to distance itself from this decision by withdrawing your sponsorship of Swindon Town. Association with a club managed by a fascist will cause deep damage to your brand among decent anti-fascist and anti-racist football fans everywhere, damage that could take many years to rebuild.

I look forwards to your reply.

Yours faithfully,”

You can also contact STFC to make it clear that Di Canio’s appointment is unwelcome and that you will be actively campaigning against the club and its sponsors until Di Canio is removed:,,10341,00.html

Sample email:

“Dear Sir / Madam

The appointment of Paolo Di Canio as STFC mananger marks a sad day for the club and English football. Di Canio has openly supported fascism, including giving the fascist salute to fans at football matches and stating his admiration for Mussolini. Having the club managed by a fascist will cause deep damage to STFC among decent anti-fascist and anti-racist football fans everywhere, damage that could take many years to rebuild.

I would urge you to reconsider this decision before it is too late. I have also written to STFC’s sponsors to ask them to reconsider their sponsorship should the appointment go ahead.

Yours faithfully,”

Our club is built on anti-fascist principles and our willingness to put those principles into practice is one of the things that makes me proud to call myself a supporter. Please do whatever you can to put the pressure on STFC and hopefully get them to reverse this idiotic decision.



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  1. are you for real?

    Seriously, where does someone like you develop a holier then thou sanctimonious attitude which gives you the right to make wild accusations designed to have a detrimental financial impact on everyone associated with an honest salt of the earth football club.

    do some research about di canio before spouting off you total total clown.

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