Final Fatasy

In the end it went right down to the wire.
The KipTik Cup went to Zoey

Los Zapatos 23 vs 18 Ashley Sands

Leaving Kev, Zoey and Ash to battle out the league.  At the last day of the season Ash was clear at the top, but the final meeting of the Down’s league which Ali Dale was due to attend – but had to pull out (due to not knowing about it – speak to the secretary about that one), leaving Ian to cycle 40 mins and complain severely – but crucially adding ten points to Kev’s score – even more frustrating given that Ash had Ali Dale in his team.  And so the KipTik house, take all the prizes.  An investigation will follow.

Kev wins: A KipTik Hamper
Zoey wins: A bottle of rum

And given his tremendous effort
Ash wins: A football t-shirt and some coffee from a German side that isn’t St Pauli.

After an epic season, I hope you all enjoy your prizes.  We rasied a handsome £123.00 for KipTik, but still have a few debts to collect.

Team Name Manager Pts
Male Quorn Stars Kevin Davis 1110
Ashley Sands Ashley Sands 1109.5
Los Zapatos Zoey Exley 1098
Las Danish Davinos y Owinos David Owen 1057.5
The Gas Heads Liam Bull 981.5
Clean Kits Steve Williams 969
Freaks Stu Greenwood 927
Williams and I Paul Smith 924
The Jack Offs Jack Kelly 915.5
11 Fat Ladies Pete Moor 908.4
The Invisibles Brendan Tate 902
Macca’s Joe McAllister 899.9
Simba FC Fadhili Maghig 873.5
Perspolis Paul Murray 838
The House that Jack Built Jack Daniels 829.5
The Rockets Will Sanzo 799
The Roosters Carmine Notaro 798.5
Sad Puppets Steve N 791.5
Managers winning team Mark Inskip 768
Beedeviled Wayne Kelly 763
Weaver Las Vagas FC Ben Weaver 757.5
Kajagoogoo Richard Dixon 754
Were not me ref Marcus 685.5
Football Utd Chalky 660.5
Ianian and the Cowgirls Ian Riddell 646
Scratch IV Ali Dale 643.4
I’m with stupid Ciaron McIntyre 641
The South-Western Mule Boys Gail Wilson 632.5
Under Achievers Phil Arnold 632.5
Walby’s Select 4 Russ Walby 625.5
Benny’s Giants Ben Rose 569

And here is the rest of these seasons stats for anyone who cares!

Player Stats

Player Name Position Total Pts
Nathan A 370
Ian A 278
Brendan Tate M 271
Dixon M 267
Ciaran A 261
Paul Murray D 259.4
Jack K D 247.5
Will Sanzo D 241.5
Steve W D 220.5
Khaled M 218
Mark Inskip M 216
Paul Smith D 209.5
Ash A 209.5
Kevin Davis D 194.5
Frank GK 190
Ali Dale D 185
Ollie M 175.5
Carmine A 172
Kai Newman GK 168
Ben Weaver D 147
Fid M 139
David O M 132
Pete Moore M 128
Russ M 121
Adam A 120
Karl Muncila D 110
James A 109
Chris Lale A 98
Luke D 86
Liam M 83
Reza D 74
Chalky M 72
Ben Rose M 63
Stu D 52
Brad GK 37
Tiago M 36
Ben GK 31.5
Joe Mcallister M 28
Jody D 26
Rafa M 19
Gareth D 18
Jesse T M 13
Angelo GK 10
Max M 8
Farhad M 6
Ant M 6
Dan M 4
Wilf A -25

Donkey League

Player Name Position Total Pts Donkey
Frank GK 190 51
Steve W D 220.5 30.5
Will Sanzo D 241.5 28.5
Jack K D 247.5 21
David O M 132 17

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