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Nige has rearranged the the Men’s football AGM for 7.30 at Hawks Gym on the 25th May. (I was not at the last one but…) It was rescheduled cause not enough cowfolk were there to make any decisions that were important.

If I understand it, this means they will be no football next year, unless we vote to scrap the management structure and run team cooperatively with everyone taking part in decisions on when to sub themselves off, and deciding on their best position etc. Except we can’t even do that, because you need enough people to turn up at a meeting to decide that… Does’nt this club have an auto-pilot mode? No? Oh well.. best pop along to a meeting, where we talk things that matter to the club and mens footie… c’mon when was the last time you abstained?

As someone who was not at the last meeting, and can’t make this one either, I have to repeat how important it is that you attend. Us people who don’t go to these meetings, make the few that do – feel like they are the only people investing in the club. So c’mon, if you one of those people that thinks the world goes on without you – if you always have something better to do – just put two hours aside for taking part… hat-tricks don’t come for free you’know.

Kim says:

Hey everyone…

Awards do creeps ever closer !!!

We need volunteers on the night – about 10 people or so to be on the door, help with food etc – just to do an hour stint on one or the other

if you can contribute can you give Rosie a call and let her know – 07773 043524

many hands make light work!

cheers – see you all there – with all your mates too

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