Can We Look Yet?


The Suburbans continued a good run of results beating Gelnside 5 Old Boys 2-0.

The Saturday A Team lost to St Andrews 3-1.

The Saturday B Team beat Torpedo A 5-2.

Netball reports thus:

The A’s see off Crossbow 38-21 with meg getting player from them and Mare from us. The Too’s lose out to a strong Ashton team 6-47 with Kerry getting player from them and Donna and ? someone else getting it jointly from us.


The Sundays had their League Cup Final against Hanham Sunday on Sunday. There was a little tension in the air after their meeting in the League a few weeks ago ended in drama. No news has reached this quarter about the spirit in which the game was played but Eddy’s cup double dreams were shattered when Hanham beat our boys 4-3. Oddly Lebeq got a by in the other semi against Shire, so perhaps it was their turn for the drama this week.

Fantasy By Cowboys

No, not a perfume but a league of non-existent football.

Semi Finals of the KipTik Cup

Beedeviled vs Los Zapatos
Simba FC vs Ashley Sands

Games were played this weekend – just waiting on the FF updates from Managers (plus Thursdays game from William)

Team Name Manager Pts
Male Quorn Stars Kevin Davis 964
Los Zapatos Zoey Exley 948
Ashley Sands Ashley Sands 933.5
Las Danish Davinos y Owinos David Owen 915.5
The Gas Heads Liam Bull 870.5
Clean Kits Steve Williams 864
The Jack Offs Jack Kelly 857.5
Freaks Stu Greenwood 812
Williams and I Paul Smith 795
The Invisibles Brendan Tate 790
Simba FC Fadhili Maghig 786.5
11 Fat Ladies Pete Moor 770.5
Macca’s Joe McAllister 766
Perspolis Paul Murray 762
The House that Jack Built Jack Daniels 719.5
Sad Puppets Steve N 702.5
The Roosters Carmine Notaro 699.5
Managers winning team Mark Inskip 686
Beedeviled Wayne Kelly 672
The Rockets Will Sanzo 671
Weaver Las Vagas FC Ben Weaver 655.5
Kajagoogoo Richard Dixon 617
Football Utd Chalky 608.5
Were not me ref Marcus 606.5
Ianian and the Cowgirls Ian Riddell 595
I’m with stupid Ciaron McIntyre 588
The South-Western Mule Boys Gail Wilson 576.5
Under Achievers Phil Arnold 576.5
Scratch IV Ali Dale 564.5
Walby’s Select 4 Russ Walby 517.5
Benny’s Giants Ben Rose 511

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