Fantasy Results

Cup games.

Ashley Sands 55 vs 49 Male Quorn Stars
Under Achievers 33 vs 33 Los Zapatos
Ianian and the Cowgirls 28 vs 28 Beedeviled
Simba FC 45 vs 32 Las Danish Davinos y Owinos


Under Achievers 26 vs 30 Los Zapatos
Ianian and the Cowgirls 15 vs 21 Beedeviled

Semi Finals played on 2nd sat in April provided both teams have games.

This is the league not including last’s week games and this week’s games.

Team Name Manager Pts
Male Quorn Stars Kevin Davis 902.5
Ashley Sands Ashley Sands 867
Los Zapatos Zoey Exley 863.5
The Jack Offs Jack Kelly 838.5
Las Danish Davinos y Owinos David Owen 829.5
Clean Kits Steve Williams 822
The Gas Heads Liam Bull 820
Freaks Stu Greenwood 772.5
Simba FC Fadhili Maghig 766.5
Williams and I Paul Smith 755
The Invisibles Brendan Tate 745.5
Perspolis Paul Murray 733
11 Fat Ladies Pete Moor 707
Macca’s Joe McAllister 702
The House that Jack Built Jack Daniels 687
Sad Puppets Steve N 673
Managers winning team Mark Inskip 668
Beedeviled Wayne Kelly 661
The Roosters Carmine Notaro 660
The Rockets Will Sanzo 632
Weaver Las Vagas FC Ben Weaver 619.5
Ianian and the Cowgirls Ian Riddell 589
Kajagoogoo Richard Dixon 589
Were not me ref Marcus 584.5
Football Utd Chalky 583.5
I’m with stupid Ciaron McIntyre 582
The South-Western Mule Boys Gail Wilson 568.5
Under Achievers Phil Arnold 568.5
Scratch IV Ali Dale 522.5
Benny’s Giants Ben Rose 491
Walby’s Select 4 Russ Walby 483.5

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