Gems From The Peashooter

We need a new chairperson for the whole club. If you would like to put yourself or somebody else forward please email. Also is anybody interested in taking the merchandising.

Palestine- The Cowboys are having a stall at the Anarchist Book fair and will be selling t-shirts.

COWGIRLS DO IT ON GRASS – WEDNESDAYS at 7pm-8pm on Eastville Park-
STARTING WED 4TH MAY The Cowgirls footballers will be organising regular games on grass on Wednesdays for 7 weeks (when we break for the summer). All women welcome no matter what your footballing experience. Come and Play !!!! You know you want to.

Calendars are available at the Plough for a price of just £5. Added to that amazing price, the offer extends to; Buy 9 months get 3 months totally FREE!!! What more do you want? As we still have over thirty left it’s pretty clear that a lot of the people that are in
the calendar/team photo’s haven’t purchased one. Why? Perhaps they don’t understand the culture of the club, which is to support and get involved with all aspects of what is The Mightiest little team in Easton, err sorry, the World (see poll results on our website). Not just a half a shandy, grab a handful of chips and leg it home to watch the re-run of the outtakes of the people that didn’t get into the X-factor. You can always go and play for Torpedo if you think that’s what we’re about. Get it!

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