Eddy’s Cup Overflows


I think the Futsal Team played however, there are no results on the league website.


Netball reports thus:

The Too’s played top of the Division Skylarks and just lost (ahem) 9-59. Annie got player from them and Emma from us. The A’s did not have a game.

The Suburbans did not have a game but have a mighty 9 fixtures to fulfil in April.

The Saturday A Team beat Cabot Asset Finance 4-2.

The Saturday B Team lost to 1-4 to Wellington Wanderers.


The Sunday Team thumped Hanham Sundays 9-2. Back in October the Sundays beat Beaufort in the Sid Rumins (league) Cup. In the disastrous weather that followed and with the Sundays reaching the GFA Cup final everybody had forgotten all about it. Now they have a date for their Semi-Final which is Sunday 10th April, when they will play…. Hanham Sundays. If all goes according to plan there will be another 9-2 spanking, another final and Amy will be needing extra supplies of Brasso for the coming year.

Dik only has 2 seats left on the coach going to the GFA final. To find out more visit the messageboard.

There was no news form the old men as to how the Casuals and the Ultra Casuals got on.

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