Cricket Dates

Dean has sent in s a list of dates for the beginning of the season.

29th March (Tuesday) – Working on nets at Bristol West Indies from 5.30pm.

1st April (Friday) – Pre Season Fundraiser @ the Plough.

9th /10th April (Sat / Sun) – Ground Force weekend @ Frenchay.

12th April (Tues) – Outdoor Nets @ Frenchay 5.30pm – onwards. NO BAR.

14th April – League meeting @ Frys 7ish. Balls and booklets for this season.

16th April – Indoor Net – last one booked at present.

17th April – Frenchay vs Cowboys @ Frenchay

17th April – Winford vs Cowboys @, Winford

19th April – Outdoor nets @ Frenchay 5.30. NO BAR.

24th April – Haelbury Bryan vs Cowboys. Dorset.

30th April – Sat 1st league game

1st May – Both Sunday Teams 1st league games.

1st May – friendly in Pempbrookshire?

2nd May – Cowboys vs 1 in 12 Club @ Frenchay.

19th May – Preliminary Round of 20/20 Cup vs DOWNEND (Harrys dad putting a team in the league!!!)

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