Goal Meltdown

There is a new book out called Football VS. The State – Tackling Football And Radical Politics by Gabriel Kuhn published by PM press. There is quite a lot in there about The Easton Cowboys, FC Vova, Autonomos FC, Republica and the Mondiali Antirazzisti… oh yeh, St Pauli, Inter Milan, Celtic and The Zapatistas…. anyway on with the results – pausing only to ‘put some bacon under the grill’ 😉


The Futsal Team lost to top of the league Futsal Squirrels 10 – 6 and so have finished 2nd in this ‘season’. The new ‘season’ starts soon. If only they were called Futsal Cows they might have won, but since when have squirrels been better at football than cows?


Netball report thus:

The A’s just hold off in an exciting match against Longwell Green to win 25-24! Meg gets the double whammy player for some amazing interceptions. The Too’s also have a nailbiter and win 19-18 against Sparks. Becky gets player from them and Rosie from us.

The Saturday Suburbans lost 1-2 to Stoke Gifford United.

The Saturday A Team lost 1-3 to St Andrews.

The Saturday B Team beat Torpedo A 2-0.


There is a really weird story going around about Eddy, a nature documentary, a burnt bacon sandwich and an asthmatic. But on with the results, where the Sundays hammered Mendip SBW 12-1. Apparently being three goals down and reduced to 10 men the opposition were going to call it quits at half time but Eddy promised to take it easy on them in the second half; so he brought on A H-D, back from the jaws of death, who promptly scored a wonder goal.

The old men, who have all been very good this week and reported their results in triplicate, had mixed results. The Casuals won 4-1 against Avon Retreads. The Ultra Casuals lost 4-1 to Voyager.

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