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It appears that I managed to post a blank post instead of the results. So here are the results from last weekend:


The Downs League was rain affected again and the B Team had their game called off. The A Team lost to Tebby AFC 3-1.

The Suburbans did not seem to have a game either.

There was no Netball.


The Sunday Team have had a great cup run and are in the final of  the GFA Cup however, their league form has not been so good losing their last four matches. On Sunday they squared up to top of the league and local nemesis Lebeq coming away with an honourable 3-3 draw.

The Casuals had their worst result in living memory, but they are all getting on  a bit so lets face it that is not actually that long. They will probably we employing selective senile dementia to wipe out the memory of a 6-1 walloping by SCS Vets.


It seems that the Futsal Team have been playing lots of games without reporting any results. Naughty Futsal Team. So far they have played eight, won seven and lost 1. They played again on Tuesday but the website has not reported the results yet.

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