The Cowboys Beat Liverpool And St Pauli (But Lose To Coventry)

It seems that last year, during the World Cup, the Cowboys came second in the Top 5 Football Moments (ever!) on an Australian and New Zealand socialist website called Socialist Aotearoa. The 5 were:

  • Jack Kirby (Coventry City goal keeper) refuses to Seig Heil in Germany
  • Easton Cowboys (Bristol) tour Zapatista autonomous communities
  • St. Pauli player Benny Adrion sets up Viva con Agua (Water is life)
  • Robbie Fowler – fined for supporting Liverpool dockers
  • Palestinian team fights to qualify for the 2006 World Cup

And while we are blowing our own trumphet (neat link to Jericho here) there is a small article about the trip to Palestine on Israel Palestine Blogs.

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