Cup Final

In case you missed it the Sunday Team have made it through to the final of the GFA Premier Final (South) Cup FINAL. Here they will take on last year’s winners CK FC on Thursday 21st April 2001 at 19:30 hours. Yes, that is right, the Sunday cup final is on a Thursday. It’s the footballing world turned upside down init John. At the moment the GFA website have the ground for the final down as BAWA but that might just be because they have the Cowboys down as the home team.

In the semi final Karim Rendell scored a hat-trick and Drew collapsed and was taken to hospital. He is recovering and we wish him a well and hope to see him slotting the orb into the orifice gain soon (just to clarify this means scoring a goal).

The cup run in went like this:

Round 1 26/09/ Easton Cowboys (SUNDAY) 6 – 5 Beaufort

Round 2 31/10/10 Real Bristol 3 – 8 Easton Cowboys (SUNDAY)

Quarter Final 09/01/11 Easton Cowboys (SUNDAY) 8 – 4 Downend

Semi Final 13/02/11 All Saints 2 – 3 Easton Cowboys (SUNDAY)

Congratulations to Eddy (the Easton Cowboys’ very own “special one”) and his merry men. This is a big deal because if is the top tear of the GFA amateur cup structure.

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