When Push Comes To Shuvv


Netball report thus:

The A’s have a fantastic win this week 19-38 against Bespoke Builders. Mare got player from them and Mandie from us. The Too’s had a near miss, 23-30. Annie got player from them and Donna from us.

The Saturday A Team lost to Portlans Old Boys in the Normal Hardy Cup 1-2.

Meanwhile back in the league the Saturday B Team beat Clifton St. Vincents A 3-1.

The Suburbans lost to St Aldhelms Res 1-2 (away)


The Sunday Team beat Aoll Saints 3-2 in the semi-finals of the GFA Cup AND ARE THROUGH TO THE FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The final is on 24th  April when they will face last year’s winners, the briefly named CK FC.

The Casuals were rained off and the Ultra Casuals we beaten 10-0 by Some Team or other.

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