Terrace Bint

Another link, this time supplied by Carly from Manchester via Punky. It is for a blog called Terrace Bint which is:

“A lot of ranting, a bit of moaning, plenty of crap jokes, and an attempt to address some of the issues that girls and women who go to football, to discuss ideas and share stories and hear our own realities represented.

This fanzine aims,amongst other things, to give women and girls the chance to write about what they personally find important or interesting without worrying about the “NWAF, fuck off to Marie Claire” brigade getting on their case. It also aims to do the opposite – provide the chance to be totally un-serious, daft, and even downright ridiculous. We’re here to take the piss.

Originally conceived as a printed fanzine in 2008 but since realised as a blog to make it less static and more dynamic and interactive, we need your input, in any way, shape or form. Please email your comments, photos, suggestions, articles, or rants to the below address. Get scribbling, get snapping, get angry, GET INVOLVED.”


  1. Sorry about that, a slight misunderstanding with Punky

    • sorry about that carly – did it in a rush and the old memory aint what it was x

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