Cowgirls Supporting Luleki Sizwe

The Cowgirls are organising  a women’s club night in aid of Luleki Sizwe on Saturday.

To summarise, this is what has happened so far. Please note, some of this is very distressing:

  • Cowgirls form a bond with Luleki Sizwe, a charity in South Africa set up by Ndumie Funda
  • Cowgirls raise money and send to Luleki Sizwe to support their work helping victims of corrective rape
  • Luleki Sizwe support Millicent, a woman raped by her neighbour for 5 hours to “correct” her homosexuality, to bring a court case against him
  • the man, despite being caught by 3 of Millie’s neighbours in the act, is released on bail
  • Milly has to face him in the court room ALONE without her mother or Luleki Sizwe friends
  • the man has been terrorising Millie and Ndumie, driving Millie to despair and suicidal wishes
  • yesterday Ndumie went into hiding from this man. The police are doing very little to protect her or Millie.
  • While Ndumie was hiding, another woman who had been “correctively raped” called her office for help. There was no reply. Ndumie found out that this woman killed herself, feeling there was no where else to go.
  • Millie’s tormentor is still out on bail and the court case has been adjourned to the New Year.
  • December 2010 Cowgirls hold letter writing evening in support of Millie, Luleki Sizwe and sending protest letters to the Minister of Justice.

Here is an email we received from Jules , Luleki Sizwe’s UK representative:

You gals did a great job before with the fundraising and Ndumie really appreciates the support. She’s having a tough time as you know, with threats against her and little security.

She’d love to receive messages of support. Please make as much noise as you can about the Millicent case as currently the rapist is out of prison and threatening Ndumie and the police are doing nothing about it…….so tell lots of people!

Thanks for your continuing support

Jules Hussey

UK Representative- Luleki Sizwe

You can find out more about the work of Luleki Sizwe

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