Tournament Stuff – This Summer And 2012 In South America!

The following communiqué was received form Stuttgart:

Several teams have emailed us asking for news on the tournament this coming summer.

As most of you remember, there has been some controversy about last years decision of Republica to exclude the Bad Muskau team from the tournament. Bad Muskau had been agreed upon to be our hosts for this year, but the team is now divided whether to organise the event or not. They are considering a joint tournament with Leknica in Poland and have announced a decision by the end of this month.

The reluctance of Bad Muskau is owed partly to the workload a tournament would mean, but mainly because they are still expecting a feed-back from York, which, according to them, has been promised but not yet delivered.

More than that, we in Stuttgart feel that a general information and clarification of all teams’ positions is much needed.

Firstly, because uninviting Bad Muskau had been mainly due to misbehaviour by someone from Stuttgart, who was erroneously believed to be from Muskau. There still seems to be more information needed for everyone, not only the few people who joined the discussion in York.

Secondly, because during that discussion last year, we noticed that there were accusations against players from Bad Muskau by other teams as well and that Muskau had not been given a fair chance to defend their position or even clarify some facts. We should find a consensus how to go on. In the worst case our community would be split into pro and contra Muskau parties – evidence of incapacity we should avoid.

Thirdly, because we saw that we have to improve our communication in general and come to a more inclusive way of taking decisions that affect all of us. Achieving this would also bring us forward as a community.

We hope that you agree with this perception and have set up a discussion forum in the web that can be called at

You have to register to participate in the forum.

German or Portuguese messages can be translated into English, if needed (no novels, please).

We will try to provide a summary of what happened so far as a starting point.

Please spread the word to your team members, we hope to get a lot of useful inputs for a joint decision on the next tournament.

In order to avoid long blabla in the forum we suggest to finish the discussion by mid of February or so. Our feedback would then hopefully still be in time to facilitate the decision of Bad Muskau.

Of course, the forum will remain open after that date.

We are looking forward to your constructive inputs to the forum.

Best wishes from Stuttgart,

Jan and Carsten.

The following is from Autonomous FC:

Hey good lads!

Look, there’s a video in English about Club Che Guevara, a team just like us from Argentina:

We are talking with them to organise a South American World Cup in january 2012.Yes, South American World Cup because you European are all invited to come!

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