Punky Speaks To The Nation

hi all cowfolk

well about this time of year many cowfolk are wondering what the summer has in store and what tournaments to attend

so far this is what i have gleaned

mondiali antirazzisti – italy – 6-10th july

freiburg – unsure as yet if doing one – i suggested instead of usual week before mondiali that maybe the week after as many cowfolk who may want to go may be doing glastonbury – either working or attending – and may not have had enough recovery time -this was just a thought and obviously all is in the hands of our lovely kampfende herzen friends

bad muskau — mm this is a strange one at the moment – received uptodate email address for bombe of bad muskau (bm) from jan of nice neckerstrasse peeps – but jan also said he was unsure if there was going to be a tournament – emailed bombe 2 weeks ago and not heard a thing – so have emailed jan again to see if can find anything out

i know this is vague but do know some of us like to plan ahead and others amongst us are very much last minute – as soon as i find out as shall let all know

also there was talk of possible tournament in argentina in december – again this is nothing definite ( wish it was so could avoid trouble with alcohol and ice)

cheers punky

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  1. do not fret – i shall ask roberto at work to do the necessary and any future translations.
    havebeen away oop north so could not do it earlier

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