‘Appiness Bank

The following is an excerpt from an email sent to The Webgimp.

I’m part of a new Bristol project The Happy City Initiative. It is in it’s pilot year and works across the city, at all levels, engaging individuals and communities in exploring what happiness is, what matters to them, what is of value in their lives and how to grow more of what makes people happy. It is about celebrating, sharing and learning from all the brilliant ingenious local solutions that already exist in Bristol communities, which collectively make this city happier.

We have been working in your area during November. We asked people for their ingredients for happiness and for solutions to make Easton a happier place. You were mentioned to us by people in the area as a solution for happiness. We are in the process of creating a happiness bank on our website to share these solutions with visitors to our site. We would like to add your project to our happiness bank.

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