Still Bloody Cold So Play Indoors

It has been another week of extreme cold but the Futsal Team have reached the final in a sport designed by Brazilians to beat the British winter.


The Downs League was off again, so were the Suburbans.

There seems to have been no netball either, although the fixtures say next week the One’s have Team Bath Tigers… Gosh!


The Sundays did not seem to play either.

So if you want to play you should play indoors…


Nov 2nd: 7-6 v Seymour Old Boys

Nov 9th: 4-6 v Futsal Squirrels

Nov 16th: 7-3 v Athletico

Nov 23rd: 5-4 v Bigos

Nov 30th: 6-5 v Inter Yman

Dec 7th: 6-3 v Seymour Old Boys

Futsal news:

Jesse reports thus:

After a topsy turvy title race the Cowboys are on course to win Bristols first ever Futsal league. One game to go and one point clear, a win in the final game will do it. But we play our nearest rivals the ‘Futsal Squirrels’ in the final game and they also need to win to take the title. A draw will let our Polish friends ‘Bigos’ (translation “Polish Beef”, apparently) leapfrog both teams. ‘Bigos’ were running away with the title until we beat them 3 weeks ago and stormed back into it.

WE NEED YOU! The boys would love a crowd there next tuesday night at Hanham High – there’s no seats but you can just squeeze round the edges and be our..err..6th man. Come along and create a Cowboys party atmosphere – they seriously wont know whats hit them!

There is talk of a drummer coming and of Khaz putting a curry on after back at HQ..

Hopefully see you Next Tuesday, Hanham High Sports Hall. Kick Off 8 or 8.45 p.m – t.b.c.

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