Luleki Sizwe letter writing – 6th Dec

Where: Monday 6th December at 20:45pm in The Plough

The Cowgirls support Luleki Sizwe, a charity that helps women who are victims of corrective rape (lesbians raped by men to “make them straight”) in South Africa.

We’ll be using the power of words – writing letters of outrage to the Minister of Justice and letters /cards of support to the members of the group.

Our friends over there are having a terrible time, with a rape case taking place where the rapist is out on bail and persecuting members of the group, as well as his victim. As a result of the group’s founder having to go into hiding, another victim of corrective rape killed herself because she couldn’t access the support she needed.

Everyone is welcome – Cowgirls, Cowboys, friends and family of them all. The more we write the better.

For more on Luleki Sizwe, check:

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