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Relive those funky free festival yesteryears in the comfort of a proper heated building with bar and everything! Veteran dubby skankers AOS3 are making a rare live appearance on our very own doorstep on Friday 3rd December at Easton Community Centre, 9pm – 2am, £5 before 10pm, £7 after. They’ll be accompanied by various other ne’er-do-wells and there’s stuff going on all over the building that should appeal to pretty much anyone with a pulse and vague sense of rhythm.

It’s a benefit for Autonomous Spaces Of Bristol, so you can feel good as you destroy your feet / liver / carefully cultivated public persona yet again. More info on the Kebele Sound website:

I’ll be getting hot n’ sweaty down the front. And if the thought of that alone doesn’t make you moist with anticipation, I suggest you check in to the local mortuary.

Sid x

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