The View From The Weekend


The Saturday A beat Evergreen 2-1 in the Downs League.

The Saturday B Team took a bit of a thrashing in the 2nd Round of the GFA Minor Cup, losing to Hambrook Res 0-8.

The Suburbans  beat Tytherington Rocks Res 1-0 (Away). Obviously Tytherington does not rock that much.

The Netball Team had the week off to think about things for a while.


The Sunday Team beat beat Real Bristol 3-8 in the 2nd Round of the GFA Premier Cup (away), coming back from 3-2 down.


The KIPTIK Day of the Dead event at The Plough  was a great success and was absolutely rammed.  Bad luck if you turned up and were unable to get in but the pub was full from shortly after 10pm. They managed to raise nearly 1300 of your English pounds, which in real money is nearly half a small water system, breaking all records for fund raisers at The Plough. Well done to Zoey, Quiffey, Ru, Will et al for organising it and thanks to everybody that turned up and had a great time. Thanks also the bands, DJs and everybody who helped out on the night.

The highlight of the night was of course Rosie forcing Kaz to pay £4 on the door to get back into his own pub.

Find out more about KIPTIK.

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