Christmas Party

The Festive season will soon be upon us, time for the Xmas Party!

This year it will be on Friday 17th December, 8pm onwards in our beloved Plough. The theme is ‘The Office Christmas Party’ – 80s style – so think power dressing, fat bellies, bad suits, cigars, brick sized cell phones, the office letch, the office tart, the office gossip, the office agony aunt/uncle etc!

We’ll have Muff Said and Who’s Afear’d, we got Paul Moylan plus the legendary Simon Denny on a special visit, we’ll have 80s karaoke and Santa’s Grotto (guess who’s gonna be Santa?!). There will be a stationary cupboard and it will be the responsibility of ALL staff to make sure that it is used (in)appropriately!!

Shots WILL be administered on arrival….

It’s gonna be huge – put it in your diaries and pump up your shoulder pads…

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