Next week from Monday to Wednesday Easton will be graced by the presence of Nico from The Lunatics and his beard.


The Suburbans lost for the first time this season getting beaten by St Aldhelms Res 4-1.

The Downs 1st Team beat Clifton St Vincents on penalties in the first round of the league cup. The score was 2-2 after full time and 4-3 after penalties.

The Downs 2nd Team lost in the first round of the league cup 5-2 to Retainers Res.

The Netballers did not have a match.


The Sunday Team had yet another game that did not happen. This time the website says: “Game provisionally awarded to Easton due to Raglan not raising a team. Decision to be confirmed by the discip commitee”.

So far out of 4 games this season the Sundays have only got to play one of them.

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