We Are…

Will, Venus and Jess talk about the tour to Palestine on BBC Radio Bristol. Start listening at about 2 hours 7 mins and then keep listening to learn a life lesson from Mother Teresa’s feet.


Netball reports thus: The A’s have a close Match against Manor Farm but keep thier heads up to gain a 31-27 victory. Caroline gets player from them and Lou from us. Good work berds. The Too’s don’t have a game this week.

The Suburbans beat Lawrence Western (and his chums) 3-0. After three games they are top of  the league even though second placed Lawrence Western (and his chums) have played four games.

The Saturday A Team achieved their first victory of the season beating Bristol Barcelona 1-2.

The Saturday B Team lost to Durdham Down Adult School 3-1.


The Sunday Team managed to take to the field of play for the first time this season and it was worth waiting for, they thumped Shire Sunday 10-1.

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