Fixture Numerology


The Suburbans take on Lawrence Western (and 1 presumes his friends) at home, Bristol West Indies on Gordon Road and hope to maintain their form having won 2 out of 2 so far.

The Saturday A Team try to win their first game of the season (drawn 2, lost 1) when they play Bristol Barcelona Res. (fakers). The B Team play Durdham Down Adult School (school for porn stars and blue comedians) and try to get win number 2.

The Downs League have finally sorted out their online result and they can be found on the FA results website.

Netball 1 look to win game number 2 against Manor Farm and the 2s try and improve their maths against Imperial 3.


The Sunday Team have so far had 2 matches scheduled but have failed to play either; one because the opposition did not turn up and the other because the pitch did not turn up. This weekend they hope for better luck and hope Shire Sunday turn up to BAWA, and that BAWA does not run away.

The infinately old men may be playing as well but only they know who against.

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