Cricket Report from Mondiali Antirazzisti 2010

DC1 reports thus:

Played 2 lost 2 innit, although we did improve – from 41 allout in the first game (Imola Srilankans) to 42 all out in the second (ModenaPakistanis). Fortunately the Mondiai Antirazzisti provides a sporting arenawhere participating is truly more important than winning. With only 4Cowboys/girls there to play cricket we were even less likely to compete at thisvery unfamiliar form of the game than we’ve been in previous years.Temperatures were in the high 30s, and we got great support from Cowboy footballersWill and Chalky, who played both games, and persuaded Corin to battle his hangoverand take the field. A stray spectator, Imran, made the eight for a team in thefirst game and his pals Imran and Shabbaz played for us in the second match.

Did we have any highlights? Bill won’t forget his 6 overextra cover in a hurry, Amanda was delighted with three 4s in her 15, Anny willbe telling you all about her 2 not out and we’re expecting Chalky to startcoming to nets. In the end, we’re playing cricket, but not as we know it andsomething very strange would have to happen for us to turn over sides who playthis way all the time.

The guy organizing the cricket was Eduardo, who plays forthe Italian national team. He provided the crucial insight when he pointed outthat, worldwide, more people play tape-ball ‘street’ cricket than ever get toplay with a hard red ball in whites on a proper pitch. Our own Kalu will tellyou that the first time he played with a hard ball was when he came to theCowboys. These guys are looking for 90 plus runs from their 8 overs . It’s ashortened pitch, and the bowlers bowl to hit the stumps, as fast as possible,getting wickets from a swing and miss or caught on the boundary, which is whereall the fielders are. When there are evenly matched teams the games are fastand furious and thrilling to watch. No pads or gloves, and lightweight batswith a prominent ‘scoop’ like you see in pictures from olden days.

The Mondiali Antirazzisti is a fantastic event, & allEaston Cowboys & Girls should make the pilgrimage. It is primarily afootball frenzy, with something like 200 teams competing, coming from all overthe World. With a bit of luck going their way the Easton Cowboys football teammight have progressed beyond their group stage, but the fortune andhalf-chances went the wrong way for them at crucial times. In past years theCowboys/girls have performed strongly in the Mondiali basketball tournament.The partying at Mondiali is exceptional – a dynamic combination of footballterrace chanting, naval distress flares and smoke bombs, soundtrack provided bylive ska/punk bands.

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