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Dear Cowfolk,

On Saturday 3rd July I am setting off on a cycle tour from Seaton (Devon) to Scarborough. This forms a two week section of thegreattour; a cycle tour around the coast of England, Scotland and Wales. I will be cycling an average of 60 miles a day with up to 2,100m of ascents in any one day. Those of you who know me may realise that this is no trifling matter for someone of my size and spinal deformities.

I am raising money for the Prostate Cancer Charity. My Grandad died of it, my Dad has been successfully treated for it and I am at high risk of contracting it.

If any of you dear folk fancy sponsoring me then you can follow the link below to my money giving web page


Loving the cricket reports, perhaps less runs akimbo and more stumps akimbo though!

all the best,

John (Hippy)

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