Did I Tell You Why I Don’t Like Mondays?


Netball  – The A’s did not have a game. The too’s lost 32-14 to Sparks. Amanda got player from them and Becci, Jem and Rosie got it from us.

The Saturday A Team drew with Jamaica Bell 2-2.

The B Team lost to Ashley Res. 1-4.

The Suburbans lost only their second game in the league losing 1-3 to Imperial Saints at home.


The Casuals lost for the first time in 2 years losing 7-3 to Retainers. Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Chicken Little your boys took one hell of a beating, do you hear me Chicken Little? DO YOU HEAR ME CHICKEN LITTLE? The sky is falling!

The Sundays brought a little light to an otherwise dreary weekend by continuing their winning run and beating Harvesters 2-4 away.

If you are a cricketer or if you like DIY remember that it is ground-force day at Frenchay. This is when the ground is prepared for the coming season and everybody who is going to play turns up and helps. Or if you are Ev you find out when Ground-Force day is and then book your holiday to clash with it.

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