Christmas Party

Cowboys/Xmas/Solstice Party & jackie’s 50th (surely not i hear you cry) Birthday Party on the eve of Saturday 19th December 2009

Fancy dress- a choice between dressing up as the lady of the night herself (jackie) or something from the year of her birth (see below for a small selection), or for those of us who aren’t so extrovert face painters will be present on the evening or you can come with your own warpaint on.

Raffle is being organised by our very own Cowboy from Rochdale, Johnsie. (Its hard being a cowboy from Rochdale, cos people laugh when I ride past on our Alsation dog…. anyone else remember Mike harding?) So if you have any prizes you’d like to donate email me or get in touch with young Jonathon. Looks like the top prize is going to be a meal for two at a fine eatery near by the docks, unless someone can come up with something better! Draw on the night, but it won’t drag on like a cricket raffle draw!

Musical record spinning entertainment will be provided by 3 local lads one of whom is a cowboy, the other 2 are well known to cowfolk and anyone who has frequented the Plough for the last several years- should appeal to all tastes, except hardcore punx and classicists maybe.

There will be a voluntary tax on the door of £2, proceeds to cow fund, presents for Jackie are more than welcome.

Anyone wising to help out get in touch.

Dave the barman!

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