Pool Team New

Pagey reports:

Plough Pool Team had their first game of the season away to Oldbury Court Inn last wednesday 14/10/09. With having to forfeit the last game due to turning up with only 8 players, we lost 8 -1.

The result is not a fair reflection on how the individual games were played. Our team played well on what was a very slick table and it would not be sour grapes to say that on the evening we did not get the roll of the balls. Otam was unlucky when his opponent fluked the black. Sarah potted the white whilst sinking the black, Pagey missed a double to clear up leaving his opponent his last colour and 8-ball to finish.

Stuart was unlucky to to see the white disappear into the middle bag having screwed back for position from a corner pot, and later in the game when cleverly extracating 2 of his yellows that were tied up behind a red over the corner pocket only to see his 2 colours and the white finish up in a row was gutted to lose the first of the match.

For future games please see the fixture list on the pool noticeboard to the right of the pool table in the Plough.

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