Going Up

The North Somerset League have announced that despite finishing 3rd in Division 5 of the Saturday conference the Cricket 3rd Team have been promoted. Congratulations to all concerned especially Uberpops.

Also, Evan will be presented with a trophy at the North Somerset League dinner on the Friday 16th October. What could Evan have possibley done to deserve this?  Taking the most wickets in Division 5 of the Saturday conference. His full bowling figures were 109.3 overs, 23Maidens, 364 runs, 25 wickets, 4/3 best, 3.32 economy, 26.28 strike rate 14.56 average.

If you want to go to the league dinner to celebrate tell Stevo.

The cricket team under the guidance of Rob gave indoor cricket a try on Tuesday. This game is a sort of cross between cricket, squash and cage fighting played in a 6-a-side format. It turned out to be a comfortable victory by 50 runs and as they say “a good time was had by all”, well “they” would wouldn’t they. The problem with this game is that as a cricketer you normally waist an entire day playing a completely futile sport whereas this indoor form of the game only lasts for an hour. The result is that it feels like one has made it through to drinks and wants to push on for a big innings, however the game is over and one feels teased and unfulfilled. Never the less since it is good fun and makes you sweety the Cricket team plan to join the league when the robin next comes around in December, until then there will be a few more friendlies.

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