A Message From Brasil

This message was sent to Punky:

Dear Steve,

The heat of your visit refreshned our team, our way to organize our team, our consciousness that we have a mission and an objective with this team, wich is not only score goals. You’ve made policy with a ball on your feet, you’ve made philosophy with your boots, you’ve given us a lesson, you’ve modified our concept of borders.

It is in my plans to visit you. I have friends from many years, wich speak my language, but they’ve never been so gentle and fraternal with me as much as you’ve been.

Thanks all of you.

Thanks to the football.


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  1. What a star that Leandro is… the beauty of it is that i think i speak for us all in Brasil who met Autonomos FC when i say ‘the feelings completely mutual’. What a inspirational bunch of people they are.

    Fundraising for the possibilty of assisiting Autonomos to visit us next year started as of yesterday, so any ideas or volunteers mail me; j.o.daniells@gmail.com (or if that’s a bit unofficial, webgimp@eastoncowfolk.org.uk)

    Hopefully we can help get them to a couple of tournaments, you won’t be disapointed.

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