The Return To Banjo Island


The Cowgirls lost to Bristol Panthers 7-5.

The Cricket Friendly Team tied with Rams. We needed 4 runs to win from 3 overs with 4 wickets left. Richie Garner was out and the Webgimp went in, he faced two leg side wides and fended a full-toss no ball off his ribs, neither were given because we were sure to win and it was a friendly. Then Rob was bowled and Jeff came in, faced two balls and was run out by the Webgimp (sorry Jeff) and Tinx came in. 4 still needed with one wicket left. The Webgimp then hit a splendid shot that did not quite carry for a 4 but they managed to scamper 3 runs – scores tied. Tinx was then bowled – game tied. The coda to this story is that right up until the end of the game Jeff thought it was a cup game and not a friendly, “I was a little supprised when I was asked to bowl” said Jeff.


The Cricket 3rd Team beat Bitton 4th XI by 6 wickets. After warming up for 20 minutes at the wrong ground three teams tried to get into 2 changing rooms and we were sent to Banjo Island, our old home ground. Half of the opposition team were youngsters and there was some grumbling from the fast bowlers as they had to throttle back and behave themselves. Although Gary shamed himself, and indead the club, by bowling a bouncer at a 12 year old who could not have stood more than 5 feet tall. It was like the old days on that patch of scrub that passes for the Banjo Island pitch and some remarkable bowling figures were achieved: Ev 8-5-3-1, Rob 8-3-12-2 and Tinx 8-1-25-3.  Bitton reached 93 for 9 in their 40 overs. Uberpops took the opportunity to open the batting with Grant and Jeff who had a grand day out. The Webgimp then hit a “patient” 28 and Ev hit an impatient 25. With 4 runs needed the 15 year old wicket keeper talked the Webgimp into throwing his wicket away and Gary strode to the crease, determined to finish the game with a 6. Several overs of swings and misses later he hit what could have been a vertical 6 into the air and ran the winning run. When the ball came back down the kid underneath it, not surprisingly, decided that he wanted nothing to do with it and so Gary escaped uncaught. The Cowboys had reached the target in 25.4 overs.


The 1st Cricket Team lost by 62 runs to Blagdon. The Webgimp was invited to sit astride Quiffey’s throbbing velocipede to go down to Blagdon to watch a little cricket. Not long after they arrived Dave Littleton smashed his finger up and The Webgimp was called from the boundary to act as twelfth man. Things got worse a few overs later when the umpire banned Maverick from bowling mid-over for delivering too many beamers and Treach had to finish the over for him. The 1st team has struggled to get enough bowlers and losing two mid-match was more than could be accommodated, so Dave had to strap his fingers together and go back on to the field of play to finish his allotted 8 overs. Dave has had his digit wired together and is in plaster up to the elbow. Blagdon reached 224 off their 40 overs, Dunc bowled 8-1-27-1 and Chris bowled 8-1-21-2. In reply the Cowboys hit 164 for 9 with Chris hitting 51 and Dunc hitting 57.

The 2nd Cricket team lost Blackwell Flax Bourton by 206 runs. BFB hit 273 for 3 off their 40 overs. In reply the Cowboys crawled to 67 all out in 20.3 overs. Aran top scored with 15 beating the extras by 3 runs.

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